Combo Check



yes Ring Type - Indicating Dimension Over Balls Anvils

yes Plug Type - Indicating Dimension Between Ball Anvils


The effective "Combo Check" gauge combines a go composite form with carbid pins/ball anvils (manufactured to the same diameter as component pins) that contact the part on a single plane providing dimension between/over balls size.


The "Combo Check" gauge is pre-set to a Master Plug or Ring and is used to measure the variation between or over pins or balls. Depending on the type of indicator used, the variation can be shown as either an actual dimension between/over balls or the variation in .0001" (.0025mm) increments. To reduce the amount of rocking required to get an accurate measurement, the tooth width form of the spline guide is manufactured above or below the minimum/maximum effective to reduce the measurement bias due to misalignment.


The proprietary trigger mechanism on the plug type, fully retracts the pin anvils which not only increase accuracy and repeatability, but protects component parts as well.